Brand New online Shopping Delivery Service!

You can now shop from any online store in Lithuania and get all your parcels delivered to the Main EshopWedrop Vilnius Collection Point with prices starts from just 1.99€!

  • Shop from any online Lithuanian Store
  • Consolidate all your ordered parcels (PL,DE,UK,IT,LT)
  • Save on delivery cost
  • Increase convenient


  1. Consolidate all your parcels ordered either from Lithuania or from any of the other EshopWedrop Origin markets such as Poland, Germany, Italy and the UK.
  2. Save time by picking up all your orders in one trip to EshopWedrop Vilnius collection point
  3. Save on Delivery cost by consolidate more parcels

How it works?

  1. Shop from any online store in Lithuania or any of the EshopWedrop Origin Markets
  2. Use your EshopWedrop Lithuanian address on the check out
  3. Pick up your orders, from the Main EshopWedrop Vilnius Collection point

Our new EshopWedrop Vilnius Collection point is located on the Norfa Baze mall, where you can find lots of other interested to you stores to shop from!

Hope to see you soon, fresh coffee will be waiting for you!


EshopWedrop Team


*Prices is subject to destinations countries delivery and may vary based on the product ordered


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Summer 2024
Summer 2024
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