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How does the service work? Read our Step by Step Guide.
STEP 1 – Upon registering you will receive your Personal EshopWedrop Delivery Addresses for online shopping in Poland, Germany, France, Italy, the UK and USA.  Sign up here
STEP 2 – Shop from any of your favourite online stores. Here you can find some shops ideas but always feel free to use any other shop you might prefer! Shopping ideas
STEP 3 – On the online store’s check out, use your Personal EshopWedrop Delivery Address including your EshopWedrop ID (part of the address' body). There are many online shops that will ask you to fill in the two address lines, we also include two lines for your shopping address (this is why you will find in your shopping addresses Address Line 1 / Address Line 2). Get your address today
STEP 4 – Wait for our confirmation that your order arrived at your EshopWedrop Personal Delivery Address (please consider the delivery time in the respective country according to the local delivery option you selected when you placed the online order). Once your order has arrived at the EshopWedrop warehouse, our team will it arrange for the parcel to be delivered to Lithuania.
Step 5 – We know that shopping online might be stressful sometimes, that’s why we regularly inform you via e-mail about your parcels’ location and delivery status or you can check this anytime by logging into your EshopWedrop account or using the Track & Trace tool available on the EshopWedrop website. Track your Parcel
STEP 6 – You will receive an email notification once your parcel has arrived in Lithuania. Home delivery? Job address delivery? Or you prefer to personally pick up your order from a collection point? You can select the option most convenient to you as soon as your parcels have arrived in Lithuania. View your delivery Options
Why use EshopWedrop?
Thousands of online shoppers in Europe use EshopWedrop to deliver their parcels when shopping online from abroad.

Here are some of the reasons that EshopWedrop can be your favourite online shopping partner:

Brands you love, delivered to you:  With EshopWedrop you have access to high quality and cheaper products from the biggest online retailers in Europe. Even from those that don’t deliver to Lithuania. EshopWedrop does!

Access to product sales across Europe:  We all know that there are huge sales running online in markets such as the UK. Most of these products will be more expensive or not available in Lithuania! With EshopWedrop you can now shop for any products and enjoy the benefits of the discounts and sales in the UK and Italian market.

Consolidate your orders:  It is likely that you want to buy products from multiply shops or even different countries, which can result in high delivery costs. With EshopWedrop, you can combine all your orders under one consolidated delivery and tracking number, so all your packages will be delivered together to you, saving you money and time when collecting them.

Price Calculator: You can estimate your delivery fees before you buy. It provides an estimate of the costs to delivery your parcels globally to your home address in Lithuania. Visit the EshopWedrop Price Calculator to estimate your parcel delivery costs. Visit the Price Calculator

Multiple Delivery & Collection Options: Online shopping means convenient shopping!
Deliver to your home? Or to your Work? Or even surprise a friend with a gift?
You can choose what’s most convenient for you, as EshopWedrop offers a variety of Delivery Options and Collection Points located around Lithuania. Find the most convenient Delivery & Collection point to you here: Delivery options


What is the Personal EshopWedrop Delivery Address?

Once signed up you will receive your Personal Delivery Addresses for your online shopping in the Poland, Germany, France, Italy, the UK and USA.  You can  find these addresses when you log in to your Personal EshopWedrop Account.

These are the main EshopWedrop Warehouse Addresses. When you are shopping online and use one of these addresses, your parcels are being delivered to the relevant country’s EshopWedrop Warehouse.

Via this process you can sometimes benefit from a free delivery option that online retailers often offer its customers. Meaning, you only have to pay for the costs associated for EshopWedrop to deliver your parcel to Lithuania. 

Example: You have ordered a book from that qualifies for free UK delivery and you have used your UK Personal EshopWedrop Delivery address at the checkout. This means that your parcel will first be sent to our UK EshopWedrop Warehouse allowing you to qualify for the Free delivery option that sometimes offers. Your goods will then be delivered from the UK warehouse to Lithuania and you will charged based on the delivery charge you have selected.

Is EshopWedrop for you? Who should NOT become our client and why?

Although we are happy to have new customers, we understand that EshopWedrop is not for everybody:

  • You have a too basic English level, foreign online stores may be difficult for you to understand. We recommend you to ask a friend or a family member who knows the language better, rather than stress yourself trying to do this alone.
  • You avoid making card payments and you don’t use social media...because you have a permanent privacy concern and you have a problem with Big Brother who is watching every step you take? In this case not only EshopWedrop, but ecommerce, in general, are not for you. Come back when you feel prepared! We will be here, available for you! :)
  • You are anxios and cannot wait a few days for the products to be delivered - you’d better take the airplane and go shopping directly from the "brick and mortar" stores abroad. ;) But if you do cherish your time, your money and you are environmentally friendly – we hope that you don’t make such shoppings trips every weekend! :)
What are the times and dates for delivering parcels to my online shopping address in the UK, Poland, Germany, Italy and France?

Parcels can be accepted from Monday to Friday, during the following times:

  • United Kingdom address - 09:00 - 17:00
  • Germany address - 09:00 - 17:00
  • Italy address - 09:00 - 17:00
  • France address - 09:00 - 17:00
  • Poland address - 08:00 - 15:00
What are the benefits of cross-border online shopping?

You have more freedom of choice. 

EshopWedrop provides consumers in Lithuania with the freedom to purchase products from online retailers in Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Lithuania and the UK, as well as USA.

  • Eliminate delivery obstacles
  • Automate your deliveries. Do it once – enjoy regularly.
  • Combine your purchases automatically – get volume discounts.
  • Use our customer-friendly, competitive international delivery prices.
  • Gain access to hundreds of online stores.
  • Choose delivery or collect option that is best for you.
The online shop (, would not accept the telephone number provided by EshopWedrop. What should I do?

Let's try this:

  1. Chech you choose delivery country correctly.
  2. Change "+44" (UK code) with "0" (zero) -
  3. Delete +44 and leave only the rest of numbers -
How do I know that my products were received at my EshopWedrop shopping address?

Our system will automatically send you emails notification as soon as we receive your parcels. The following details are included in our email notifications for each parcel received:

  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Tracking number
  • Link to your EshopWedrop account where you can see a picture with your parcel (parcels) as well as all the details above.

Also, at any time you have the option to check your parcels in your EshopWedrop account. You will find here all the details and the status for all your parcels, consolidations, history and invoices raised to you. 

When do the parcels received at my personal online shopping addresses depart to Lithuania?
Origin Country Departure Days Arrival days in Lithuania 
UK Every Tuesday and Friday Every Friday and Tuesday
Italy Every Friday Every Monday
Poland Two times per week After 2-3 working days
Germany Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Every Friday and Monday
France Every Friday Every Thursday


How can I check my parcels and how can I find out when they arrive at destination?

 We will inform you via email as soon as:

  • your parcels arrive in the EshopWedrop origin warehouses (your EshopWedrop shopping addresses)
  • your parcels depart towards the destination country
  • your parcels arrive in our warehouse from the destination country
  • your parcels, either arrive in the collection point indicated by you, either they are handed over to the courier for the delivery to address indicated by you
  • the parcels are delivered to you.

Also, you have anytime the option to check your parcels in your EshopWedrop account. You will find here all the details and the status for all your parcels, consolidations, history, invoices raised to you, etc.

Can I consolidate more parcels in one order?

Of course, this is one of the biggest benefits for using EshopWedrop. We will store your parcels in Destination Warehouse (DW) for two weeks, free of charge. This allows for your other parcels to arrive in the DW and then make one delivery order for all your parcels. We will charge you based on the cumulated weight and volume for all the parcels consolidated in one order, opposed to separate orders. Meaning you save on your delivery costs.

Can I also buy from other European countries?

Of course, you can order from any online shop from all over the world which is making deliveries to one of your EshopWedrop shopping addresses – Poland, Germany, Italy, France and the UK. We will receive your parcels at any of the EshopWedrop shopping addresses and we will take care of everything so that your products will be delivered safely to Lithuania.  

Where and when can I collect my parcels?

You can complete the final delivery of your parcels as soon as they arrive in our destination warehouse in Vilnius.

You can choose following options:

  • Pick up from Vilnius warehouse. Address Savanoriu 176 (Norfa base). Working hours: I-V 9am - 7pm, VI 10am-2pm. 
  • Venipak terminal
  • Venipak pick up points. You will be notifiied via SMS and email when your order will arrive at the Venipak pick up point. You can pick up your parcels here per 5 working days.
  • Venipak courier can delivered parcels to door.
  • DPD Click&Collect pints.
  • DPD delivery to door.
  • Omniva Click&Collect.

You can find Venipak terminals and pick up points locations and working hours here.

You can find DPD Click&Collect points here.

You can find Omniva Click&Collect locations here.

Can my parcels be picked up by another person?

Yes, of course! When you place the order in your EshopWedrop account please leave a comment with the name and surname of the person who will come to pick up your parcel(s).

Why should I shop online from European Online Retailers?
  • You will often find products much cheaper in Poland, Germany, Italy, France and the UK. As well as having more choices of products to choose from.
  • You can shop from different online stores, consolidate your orders and get them all in one parcel so you save on delivery costs!
  • You can shop from any online website no matter if it delivers to your country or not. We take care of this for you!
  • Online markets in Poland, Germany, Italy, France and the UK often offer product at cheaper costs, as well as being of higher quality!
Can I buy from other online shops? Other than those detailed on the EshopWedrop website?

Absolutely! Our online shops directory is only for guidance and ideas for you to explore. You can buy from any online shop which is making deliveries to one of your EshopWedrop shopping delivery addresses.

Where can I see my invoices?

Your delivery charges and invoices will be displayed in your EshopWeDrop user account. You will also be able to see the status of your deliveries here. 

I made an online purchase but I cannot see it among my parcels in my EshopWedrop account. Why? What can I do?
  1. We kindly ask you to check if the online store has sent your products and if they were successfully delivered to your EshopWedrop shopping address.
  2. Did you receive a tracking number for the order from the online store? We recommend you use a track & trace delivery option, this sometimes costs (a little) more, but for peace of mind it is worth it.
  3. If the products were delivered, but the retailer did not correctly label your unique shopping address on the parcel, we will keep your parcels in the "Unidentified" category and will make investigations.
  4. We kindly ask you to contact us and send us all the details you have in order to clarify the situation.
Can I compare prices between various online shops?

Of course! We recomend you use Pricerunner for your shopping from UK, for example. Ceneo - in Poland. CIAO - in Italy. Preis - in Germany. 

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