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Refer a Friend – Reap the benefits!

Happy New Year!

January signals the beginning of new habits for most of us!

Many of us are always telling our friends what to try in the New Year and what to avoid. We know this, and so we want to tell you all about how recommending EshopWedrop to a friend or family member can benefit you both!

How does this work?

It’s simple! Invite your friends via email or through a personal referral link. For every successful registration and customer generated by your referral; you will reap the benefits. Referring EshopWedrop to your friends gives them the chance to receive their first delivery from the UK, Europe & USA for FREE*. Here is what we have on offer:

If you invite 1 friend, you will receive 20% off your next delivery,

If you invite 2 friends, you will receive 30% off your next delivery,

If you invite 3 friends, you will receive 40% off your next delivery,

If you invite 4 friends, you will receive 50% off your next delivery,

And finally, if you invite 5 friends, you will receive a FREE delivery!

For each of the first 4 friends that you invite who become our customers, we will activate the relevant promocodes in your account with increasing benefits which we hope you will continue to enjoy!

Invite a friend

As an extra thank you from EshopWedrop, we will also reward you for recommending your 5th friend or family member as a customer to us too! This reward is extra special, as you will benefit from exclusive Ambassador benefits; and FREE* delivery up to the value of €10, valid for up to 1 month.

For our EshopWedrop Ambassadors moving forwards, for every new friend that you invite, we will reward your excellence with one FREE delivery up to the value of €10, and valid for up to 1 month. Therefore, the more you encourage your friends to use EshopWedrop, the greater the benefit will be!


Don’t have an EshopWedrop profile? It’s super quick and easy to create a profile online. To register and create your profile, click here.

This is FANTASTIC for all of you! As you encourage your friends to use EshopWedrop, the greater the benefit for you both!

The rewards don’t end here for you! As we are planning even more surprises and rewards for our Ambassadors as a BIG THANK YOU for your continued loyalty to our service.


Happy Inviting!

EshopWedrop Team.

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