Does your car need an upgrade?

Buy cheap auto parts from abroad!

Has your car recently broken down?

Or perhaps you just want to make it cooler with some tuning?

Germany and Poland are countries that offer amazing prices on high-quality auto parts online!

You can now order OVER 1 million low-priced car parts, from Europe and USA and have your parcels delivered to Lithuania at a low delivery cost!


How? With EshopWedrop!

  • Shop from your favourite online shops in Europe and USA
  • At the online shop’s checkout page, instead of using your actual address, use your personal EshopWedrop delivery address, (that can be found in your EshopWedrop Account) so to qualify for lower delivery costs
  • EshopWedrop does the rest! Have your parcels delivered to an address of your choice

By following these 3 simple steps, you can have your parcels delivered from abroad to you in Lithuania, without spending a fortune on delivery costs!

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Start your shopping journey today!

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Happy shopping,
EshopWedrop Team!

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